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37th Argus Fuel Oil & Feedstock Summit

The 37th Argus Fuel Oil & Feedstock Summit returns to Miami October 22-24, 2017! This event, formerly the Frank Swierz Energy Conference, is the must-attend networking event for fuel oil and bunker markets.

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The fuel oil and bunker markets continue to be a major focus of discussion, uncertainty and opportunity. The IMO MARPOL regulations have been in place for almost a year now, but there are still huge questions on how this will affect the residual bunker market. What will compliance look like? How will regulations be enforced? What will the penalties be?

Even aside from the new sulfur standards, what is the anticipated outlook for the VGO and heavy feedstocks markets? What equipment will refiners need to invest in how large will the expected financial commitment be? What is the outlook for utilities around the globe to use oil as a generation fuel? With all these looming uncertainties, how do cash-strapped shipping industry deal with the tough investment decisions it faces?

Attend our 37th annual summit to hear insight and proven case studies addressing these pressing market issues as well as discover how to manage these changing fuel oil market dynamics.

Attend the Argus Fuel Oil & Feedstock Summit to:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the global residue markets
  • Hear experts focus in on new regulations, changing demand, and refinery economics and more
  • Network and exchange ideas with over 200 delegates from the fuel oil, marine fuels and feedstocks sector

Networking highlights in 2017 include: 

  • Golf outing at the Miami Beach Golf Club (additional registration required)
  • Nightly cocktail receptions at sunset on the edge of the beach at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa

And more!

Take advantage of all the opportunities to network and conduct business at this established annual event.

Fuel Oil Event Pictures

2017 speakers include: 

  • Savvas Manousos, Global Head of Trading, Maersk Oil Trading
  • Jason Breslaw, Marpol Lead for 0.5% Marine Fuels Development, BP Products North America
  • Michael Winstone, Division Director Oil Trading, Macquarie Capital Inc.
  • Peter Alexander, Fuel Oil Manager, Consolidated Edison Of New York, Inc.
  • Don Bonett, Consultant, Former Manager, Fuel Resources, Consolidated Edison Of New York, Inc.
  • Mikhail Shapiro, Marine Fuels Manager, Glencore Ltd.
  • Lana Piterova, Senior Bunker & Lubricant Trader, Arte Bunkering LLC
  • Marc Refsoe Holm, Fuel Oil Trader, Maersk Oil Trading
  • Brendan Collins, Environment & Natural Resources Partner, Ballard Spahr LLP
  • James Richard Owens, Vice President, COO Genoil USA, Trader, Warner Petroleum Corporation
  • John Barbarise, Chief Operating Officer, Plaza Marine Group
  • Bernadette Johnson, VP - Market Intelligence, Drilling Info, Inc.
  • Brendan Hoffman, CEO, Haugen Consulting LLC
  • Allen Smith, Principal, Asphalt & Sourcing Alliance 
  • Stefka Ilieva, Marine Fuel Editor and Pricing Analyst, Argus
  • Anne Huber, Senior Consultant, Argus
  • John Demopoulos, Senior Markets Manager - Americas, Argus

Who attends?

Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and C-Suite market participants, including:

  • Refiners
  • Wholesale residue and feedstock physical and paper traders
  • Marine fuel suppliers, traders and brokers
  • Bunker buyers, ship owners and ship charterers
  • Asphalt producers and refiners
  • Electric power producers burning residue 
  • Power marketers or developers

Join 200+ industry participants at this annual event. Register now before rates increase. 

We look forward to seeing you in Miami

Sponsorship opportunities

Fuel Oil Summit

Registration Pricing

  • Standard registration (September 8th - October 21st): $995
  • Onsite registration: $1095
  • Golf outing: $155
  • Spouse pass: $99

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To apply for group rates, contact our sales team. 
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Fees include participation in all sessions, networking receptions, conference luncheon/reception, coffee breaks, continental breakfast and one set of conference documentation per person. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

Terms and Conditions
View the conference booking terms and conditions here.

Antitrust Compliance Reminder

Argus takes compliance with antitrust law seriously. The purpose of the Argus 37th Fuel Oil & Feedstock Summit is to provide a high-level update on changes taking place in the fuel oil market including trade flows, regulations and other top challenges. The conference sessions will follow the agenda as circulated.
Argus reminds all participants of the need to be mindful of the requirement to comply with antitrust and competition laws. There should be no discussion of any matters relating to competition among participants, including discussion of individual prices, rates or market strategies and no exchange of information concerning any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Should any participant to this conference attempt to initiate a discussion with other participants on any of these matters, we recommend that other participants end the conversation immediately, and at all times act in accordance with their own antitrust compliance policies and all applicable laws.

Hotel Accommodation and Visa Application

Delegates are responsible for their hotel, travel and visa arrangements. Event room rates are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


The organizers will not accept liability for non-approval of visas, individual transport de­lays and transport disruption. In such circumstances, our normal cancellation rules and penalties apply. Where matters beyond the reasonable control of the organizers impair or prevent the organizers from being able to perform any activities relating to this event, each delegate releases the organizers from any liability, relating to such events.

Sunday, 22 October 2017
17:30 - 19:30 Opening Network Reception and Registration (event attendees only):
  • Kick off the event with a beach front networking summit at the luxurious W South Beach at sunset. Food and beverages are included in conference registration.
  • Meet and network with approximately 200 colleagues, newly made business contacts and other representatives of the fuel oil supply chain.

Monday, 23 October 2017
08:00 - 09:00 Registration and Hot Breakfast
09:00 - 09:05 Chairperson's Welcome and Opening Remarks 

John Demopoulos
Vice President, North American Refined Products
09:05 – 09:40 Day 1 Morning Keynote Presentation- A shipper’s perspective on the global residual bunker market: This presentation featuring a prominent figure from a major shipping line will discuss the global marine market up to, and through 2020. During this talk we will evaluate the global marine market as a whole and provide details on scrubber investments, anticipated LNG usage, and other details related to the enactment of the quickly approaching sulfur regulations. Join us in this keynote presentation to:
  • Explore how one of the most well-known shipping lines is viewing the global marine market and what anticipated changes in supply and demand for bunker fuel should be expected going forward
  • Assess how the bunker market is ramping up for the regulatory changes and analyze questions on compliance, enforcement, penalties and other unknowns 
  • Analyze key considerations for the global freight market including LNG, scrubbers and other new points of discussion
  • Participate in our interactive Q&A segment and gain answers to your burning questions
Savvas Manousos
Global Head of Trading
Maersk Oil Trading
09:40 - 10:30 Session 1: Bunker Market Outlook

US and Latin American bunkers supply and demand current trends: What are the overall impacts on pricing and supply and demand dynamics moving forward?
  • US fuel oil and diesel supply, demand and pricing current trends
  • Latin American fuel oil supply, demand and pricing current trends
  • Argus marine fuel indexation and methodology
Stefka Ilieva
Marine Fuel and Fuel Oil Price Analyst

MARPOL compliance- A legal perspective on the IMO sulfur regulations: One year later with the dust beginning to settle, hear specifically how the sulfur regulations will impact the bottom of the barrel.
  • Analyze the MARPOL regulations from a legal and environmental perspective
  • Understand details on enforcement and exemptions
  • Evaluate the landscape for exemptions and compliance standpoint
Brendan Collins
Environment & Natural Resources Partner
Ballard Spahr LLP
10:30 - 11:00 Networking Break and Morning Refreshments
11:00 - 12:30 Session 2: Refiner Considerations

Likely MARPOL VI impacts on HSFO and crude oil: This talk will present an overview of the key issues, the current uncertainties and the risks for the crude markets following the new IMO regulations. Additionally we will analyze what Argus views to be the most likely scenarios that will affect many refiners and crude oil producers.
  • Hear an overview of the challenges, the current worries and risks for the crude markets and fuel oil in light of the recent regs
  • Analyze what Argus views to be the most likely scenarios going forward
  • Understand how those scenarios will affect refiners and crude oil producers
Anne Huber
Senior Consultant

A five year outlook for fuel oil producing refiners: Given the upcoming regulatory environment what are the market expectations and anticipated demand for fuel oil moving forward?
  • Analyze what forward thinking refiners are doing to prepare for the new low sulfur environment
  • Assess coker investment and weigh the pros against the initial investment required
  • Evaluate how this shift is continuing to sway refinery economic detail
Bernadette Johnson
VP - Market Intelligence
Drilling Info, Inc.

The 2020 sulfur regulations impact on the supply side
: This presentation will look at how the MARPOL regulations are impacting refiners and the levels of demand for products. Explore the ramifications of this change and evaluate the market from a traders side of things.
  • Understand how the IMO regulations will impact refiners
  • Explore the shifts in demand post 2020
  • Assess how this regulation will increasingly shake up the market 
Michael Winstone
Division Director Oil Trading
Macquarie Capital Inc.
12:30 - 12:35 Chairperson's Day 1 Closing Comments and End of Day 1 General Sessions

John Demopoulos
Vice President, North American Refined Products

Afternoon Social Summit of Attendee's Choice:

  • Networking luncheon at W South Beach
  • Golf outing at the Miami Beach Golf Club ($155)
    Additional details.
    (Transportation and lunch provided:  Bus departs at 12:45 for a 13:15 tee time. Pick-up and drop off at hotel lobby)
14:00 - 16:30 New for 2017- Afternoon Workshops- Technical Details, Regulatory Impacts and Market Implications for the Overlap between the Residual Fuel Oil and Asphalt Market 
14:00 - 15:00 Workshop A: Technical issues for asphalt additives and Interactive Discussion: With the new MARPOL regulations outlined and set for implementation, how will refiners producing bottom of the barrel products view other, now more economically viable commodities and what will this mean for the asphalt and fuel oil markets specifically? In this workshop we will explore complex challenges around specifications, SB elastomers, trends in NAFTA and other hot topics. Additionally attendees will assess how to avoid quality issues within a variety in grades and the impact commonly utilized additives have on durability. Join us for this in depth technical workshop to:
  • Understand chemical and composition issues for mixing and producing liquid asphalt
  • Explore differences in additives and assess how that changes the molecular composition and durability for asphalt
  • Assess what grades of asphalt will primarily be used going forward as well as the demand and availability expectations for corresponding crude slates
Allen Smith
Asphalt Sourcing Alliance
15:00 - 15:30 
 Afternoon Networking Break
15:30 - 16:30 Workshop B: Exposure and profit in demurrage for fuel oil trading participants: This workshop presentation will discuss vital aspects for fuel oil shipments including handling, navigation, safety issues, regulatory compliance, and their overall effects on laytime and demurrage. Additionally there will be an emphasis on maximizing expenses and terms through contracting whether you are a power generator, trader or supplier.
  • Assess strategies to optimize fuel oil shipments
  • Explore best practices regarding handling, navigation, safety issues and regulatory compliance
  • Understand how this call all impact laytime and demurrage
Brendan Hoffman
Haugen Consulting, LLC
18:00 - 20:00 Networking Summit and Cocktail Reception
  • Maximize your networking at the conference at this beach front networking summit at the luxurious W South Beach at sunset. Food and beverages are included in conference registration.
  • Join approximately 200 colleagues, newly made business contacts and other representatives of the fuel oil supply chain.
Tuesday, 24 October 2017
08:00 - 09:00 Morning Networking Session and Hot Breakfast
09:00 - 09:05 Opening Announcements, Day 1 Recap and Golf Outing Awards Ceremony 

John Demopoulos
Vice President, North American Refined Products

Don Bonett
Consultant, Former Manager, Fuel Resources
Consolidated Edison Of New York, Inc.
09:05 - 10:30 Session 3: Supply Chain Considerations

Refiner perspective - MARPOL 2020:
This talk by a leading refiner and marine fuel supplier seeks to move the Marpol debate forward by bringing a new perspective on the likely impacts of the upcoming regulatory change. Following significant internal analytical work, the presentation addresses industry concerns relating to:
  • Fuels availability
  • Fuel quality / compatibility
  • Enforcement
Jason Breslaw
Marpol Lead for 0.5% Marine Fuels Development
BP Products North America

Fuel switching – When and why utilities would switch from natural gas to liquid fuels: There are some factors that come into play when a generator contemplates switching fuels.
  • Explore evaluate environmental factors generators emission capitations have to consider 
  • Compare the economics of asset heat rates to the market heat rates and determine how comparisons/calculations 
  • Understand operational hurdles that may arise when switching fuels 
Peter Alexander
Sr. Planning Analyst-Gas Supply, Fuel Oil Management
Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

A global outlook for quality, testing and specifications: How do the ISO spec changes impact quality standards for both fuel oil and heavy products?
  • Assess testing procedures and what to look for in specs
  • Understand the market for bunker fuel in light of the new IMO regulations
  • Explore innovative trends in testing fuel oil 
John Barbarise
Chief Operating Officer
Plaza Marine Group
10:30 - 11:00 Networking Break and Morning Refreshments
11:00 - 11:30 VGO and Carbon Black- Specifications and Demand: Take an in-depth look at some of the most commonly traded specialty products markets and explore the outlook for pricing and demand over the next five years for these commodities.
  • Hear a global overview of the VGO and carbon black market
  • Understand pricing expectations and international demand
  • Explore technical specifications following the 2020 deadline
James Richard Owens
Vice President, COO
Genoil USA
Warner Petroleum Corporation
11:30 - 12:30 Interactive closing panel discussionBunker fuel and trading: This session, featuring leading organizations in the bunker fuel space; will provide in-depth perspectives into the heavy markets and supply demand dynamics. What are organizations looking for in procurement strategies and what are the realistic action items for the MARPOL regulations along with the corresponding trading trends? Attend this session to hear additional details you are seeking and join the conversation via microphone or submit electronically via Planned discussion points include:
  • Overall supply and demand including Russian exports decreasing, the Venezuelan market and far east availability
  • Hedging for shipping markets
  • Market structure and current state of tankers
  • Individual sectors including dry bulk and cargo
  • End user volume for bunkers
  • Quality vs price
  • And more! 
Mikhail Shapiro
Marine Fuels Manager
Glencore Ltd.

Marc Refsoe Holm

Fuel Oil Trader
Maersk Oil Trading

Lana Piterova

Senior Bunker & Lubricant Trader
Arte Bunkering LLC

Jason Breslaw

Marpol Lead for 0.5% Marine Fuels Development
BP Products North America
12:30 - 12:35

Chairperson's Day 2 Closing Comments and Conference Conclusion

John Demopoulos
Vice President, North American Refined Products

Marketing, Branding and Lead Generation

Sponsorship Opportunities
The 37th Argus Fuel Oil & Feedstock Summit offers the chance to promote your company’s image and showcase your expertise in the energy industry. We have numerous customizable sponsorship packages, including:

  • Golf outing
  • Two cocktail receptions
  • Breakfasts and coffee breaks
  • Delegate gifts
  • Branded event items
  • and more...
Sponsorship benefits can include complimentary passes, recognition as sponsors in marketing, promotional materials and onsite, advance access to attendee lists, and much more. 

Contact the team to learn more:

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Hotel Reservations: The Argus Media group rate has expired.

W Hotel South Beach

Perched on the oceanfront, just steps from the energy of Collins Avenue, W South Beach is a singular hotel getaway where whatever/whenever service is yours at the touch of a button.

Escape to our luxury resort, where iconic design and mesmerizing Miami Beach views from your private balcony set the stage for an experience that promises whatever you want, whenever you want it. Kick off your shoes in oceanfront rooms and VIP suites. And bring the party home with you - our rooms are among the largest in South Beach. Stop by The Dutch, a roots-inspired American restaurant concept by Andrew Carmellini, or survey the scene at celebrity haunt Mr. Chow, which offers authentic Beijing cuisine with a side of glamour. Soak up the Miami sun at WET, our sparkling pool and deck ringed by designer chaise lounges and luxury cabanas. Play a game on our rooftop basketball and tennis courts, swish and swing - or snooze away the afternoon on our beach sand.

Join us for the John Gleber Memorial Golf Outing on Monday, October 23, 2017: 

Come out and join us for 18 holes of golf on Monday, October 23rd for the John Gleber Memorial Golf Outing at the Miami Beach Golf Club. Shotgun start is set for 1:15pm. This event honors the memory of Mr. John Gleber who has recently passed away. Mr. Gleber was an industry expert, conference committee member and trusted advisor of this program for many years.

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The round of golf will be $155.  Golf clubs are available for rent - $70.00 per set.

We will have transportation leaving the Ritz-Carlton on Monday, October 23 at 12:35pm for a 1:15 tee time.

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  Plaza Marine Group

Confirmed Speakers
Savvas Manousos
Savvas Manousos
, Global Head of Trading, Maersk Oil Trading

Savvas Manousos is the Head of Global Trading for Maersk Oil Trading. He leads the teams in New York, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Singapore who are responsible for sourcing and optimising the fuel requirements of the AP Moller Maersk Group’s fleet of vessels. Maersk is the world’s largest buyer of Marine Fuels.

Prior to joining Maersk, Savvas was based for almost 4 years in Mumbai as President of Global Trading for Reliance Industries, India’s largest private company and led the teams responsible for sourcing crude and feedstocks and placing producers from the Jamnagar Refinery supersite – the world’s biggest single location refinery operating at 1.35 m barrels per day.

Savvas started his career with BP with whom he spent almost 23 years holding roles in Supply and Trading, Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions.

He is a graduate of City University, London and sits as an advisory board member of the McKinsey Downstream Executive Council. 
Jason Breslaw
Jason Breslaw
, Marpol Lead for 0.5% Marine Fuels Development, BP Products North America

Jason Breslaw leads BP’s distillate trading origination across the Americas. His current role includes leading BP’s preparatory work in developing the company’s 0.5% Marine Fuel offers and supporting the region’s refineries as they consider modifications in the run up to 2020. Jason has been with BP for 12 years and has held a number of roles in London and Chicago including in freight analytics, jet operations, distillate trading and blending where he was responsible for developing BP’s significant wholesale position in the ARA and West Mediterranean DMA markets. He played a leading role in preparing the company for the 2015 0.1% ECA Marine Fuels specification change, and contributes to relevant ISO and CIMAC marine working groups and military fuels quality forums. Outside of his Marpol-related responsibilities he manages BP’s renewable diesel strategy in the Americas across all parts of the value chain. Born in London, UK, Jason majored in chemistry at the University of Cambridge. A foodie and avid traveler, he’s an air-miles enthusiast who enjoys spending time with his friends and family.
Michael Winstone
Michael Winstone
, Division Director Oil Trading, Macquarie Capital Inc.

Mr.Winstone has been in the oil trading business for almost thirty years. Following positions at Cargill, Koch and Vitol, he has worked for the past six years at Macquarie Bank where he is an executive director in charge of physical oil trading. With an extensive background in fuel oil and feedstock trading, Mr Winstone is now also deeply involved in crude and products trading as well as business development.

Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander
, Sr Planning Analyst-Gas Supply, Fuel Oil Management, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Peter manages liquid fuel supply for the generation plants at Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. in New York City. His current roles include the management of fuel quality, quantity and logistics. His knowledge is gained from 20 years’ experience in managing the fuel supply for plants throughout New York City, Long Island, New England and New Jersey.

Peter also works with Con Edison’s natural gas purchasing department. Here he’s involved with purchasing and scheduling natural gas to optimize the company’s portfolio.

In addition to Peter’s diversified background with liquid fuels and natural gas, he also worked with bidding electric generation into daily power markets, retail electric load bidding and retail electric load forecast modeling.

Peter holds an MBA in Financial Management from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business, New York and a BA in Financial Management from Pace University, New York.
Don Bonett
Don Bonett
, Consultant, Former Manager, Fuel Resources, Consolidated Edison Of New York, Inc.

Don Bonett is currently consulting in the Fuel Oil and Lubrication areas. He retired from Consolidated Edison Of New York, Inc. in 1998. During this time he held various positions including manager, fuel resources, preventive maintenance manager, senior engineer and lubrication engineer.

Don previously assisted in the planning an implementation of the Energy Buyer’s Conference (formerly the Utility Fuel Oil Buyer’s Conference) since 1997. He is a member ASTM International, Committee D2 Petroleum Products and Lubricants and a former member of STLE.
Mikhail Shapiro
Mikhail Shapiro
, Marine Fuels Manager, Glencore Ltd.

Mikhail Shapiro is the Marine Fuels Manager for Glencore. Mikhail began working in the maritime industry in 2004 for Chemoil and has since held various roles, including marketing, blending, operations, logistics, chartering as well as derivative and physical oil trading. Prior to the Glencore integration, he was the trading manager for Chemoil Europe BV in Rotterdam.

Glencore is a leading integrated producer and marketer of over 90 commodities with worldwide activities in production, refining, processing, storage, transportation and supply. Glencore has more than 90 offices in over 50 countries.

As of 2016 Glencore Ltd. replaced Chemoil as the marine fuels contracting entity in the U.S. and Panama. Glencore Ltd. is one of the largest physical suppliers of marine fuels with supply locations in multiple ports covering the U.S. East Coast, U.S. Gulf Coast, U.S. West Coast and the Panama Canal.

Outside the Americas, recent highlights include the implementation of certified Mass Flow Meters in Fujairah and the addition of Australia as a physical supply location. Chemoil has been fully integrated into Glencore since 2014 and was Singapore MPA’s number one bunker supplier by volume in 2015 and 2016.
Glencore is a leader in global marine fuel supply with an extensive vertically integrated physical footprint in multiple supply hubs around the world.
Lana Piterova
Lana Piterova
, Senior Bunker & Lubricant Trader, Arte Bunkering LLC

Lana Piterova has over 6 years experience in the bunker industry and currently holds a position of Senior Bunker & Lubricant Trader at Arte Bunkering. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Lana primarily focuses on arranging bunkers in the US, Canada, Caribbean and the Americas and handles a diverse client portfolio. Thanks to her extensive experience and profound market knowledge, Lana is a key element of Arte USA branch.

Established in 2010, Arte Bunkering is a global bunker trading house and brokerage firm with offices in Estonia, Russia, Germany and USA. The company was created on a foundation of extensive and long-standing experience in the marine fuels market. Arte Bunkering serves over 3000 vessels per year worldwide, from yachts and small cruise vessels to tankers, containerships and VLCCs. Originally established to serve the requirements of customers in the Russian and former USSR ports, the company is now extremely active in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and the Americas.

Marc Holm
Marc Refsoe Holm
, Fuel Oil Trader, Maersk Oil Trading

Marc Refsoe Holm has 10 years in the Residual fuel oil and bunker industry. He is currently heading up Maersk Oil Trading’s US resid desk and has been trading US resid markets the last 5 years.

Previously Marc has led large scale business development project in the Singapore, Rotterdam and US fuel oil markets. He is an active market participant in the major US and Latin American bunker markets moving more than 9 mill bbls of marine fuel per year.
Brendan K Collins
Brendan Collins, Environment & Natural Resources Partner, Ballard Spahr LLP

Brendan Collins is an environmental lawyer and leader of Ballard Spahr's Manufacturing Industry Group. He devotes his practice primarily to clients in the electric power sector and oil and gas industry. Mr. Collins advises clients on permitting issues, regulatory matters, as well as government affairs, and has litigated civil, criminal and administrative matters in state and federal courts.
Bernadette Johnson Managing Partner Ponderosa Advisors
Bernadette Johnson, VP Market Intelligence, Drilling Info, Inc.

Bernadette Johnson joined Drilling Info through the acquisition of products and services from Ponderosa Energy. She serves as Vice President, Market Intelligence for Drilling Info and is responsible for helping to grow and expand DI’s analytics offerings, building on the work she did at Ponderosa Energy leading consulting engagements and research efforts. With over 10 years’ experience in the energy industry, Bernadette has earned the reputation of industry expert with extensive experience providing crude, natural gas, and NGL fundamentals analysis and advisory services to various players in the North American and Global energy markets. A regular commentator for and speaker to the energy industry, her specific market expertise spans: financial trading, production forecasts, demand forecasts by sector, infrastructure analysis, midstream analysis, storage value analysis, and price forecasts. Prior to joining Ponderosa, and now DI, Bernadette was Senior Research Analyst for Sasco Energy Partners in Westport, CT where she provided analytics and research support for a team of financial traders active in natural gas, power and oil futures markets. Bernadette began her career with BENTEK Energy, LLC as a Senior Energy Analyst, Natural Gas Market Fundamentals and consulting project team lead. Bernadette holds a MS Degree in International Political Economy of Resources and a BS Degree in Economics, from the Colorado School of Mines.

John Barbarise
John Barbarise, Chief Operating Officer, Plaza Marine Group

John Barbarise joined The Plaza Marine Group January 2013, after a stellar and quite long career in the Petroleum Inspection and Laboratory side of the Oil and Gas Industry. Mr. Barbarise is an accomplished and results driven Leader with demonstrated experience in Operations and Business Management with expertise in leadership, strategic planning, analytical skills, fuel and marine fuel blending, motivation, marketing, operation and business development, and establishing working relationships. Visionary and results-oriented who synthesizes business facts, events and concepts to produce realistic and long-range plans for the development of the company. Strong interpersonal and communication skills coupled with vision, business insight, and astute problem solving abilities. Recognized for professionalism, creativity, positive mental attitude, commitment to excellence and demonstrated ability to work with co-workers at all levels.
JR Owens
J. R. Owen
, Trader, Warner Petroleum Corporation

‘J.R.’ has attended and lectured at multiple industry conventions globally over his tenure in the oil industry. His areas of expertise involve the topics he will discuss today, carbon black feedstock oil, vacuum gasoil and the desulfurization of bunker fuels utilizing the GenOil GHU. ‘J.R.’ is a residual fuels trader with Warner Petroleum Corporation out of Clare, Michigan. Warner Petroleum Corporation has been in the petroleum business since 1976. Warner Petroleum Corporation is a regional wholesale marketer of commercial, marine, and, industrial fuel products and services. Warner has achieved successful growth and loyal customers by providing value, integrity, and innovation in the products and services it delivers. ‘J.R.’ also is Vice-President, COO of GenOil USA.

‘J.R.’ has more than thirty-four (37) years of hands-on oil industry experience as a blender, consultant, global sourcing advisor, loss control specialist, terminal manager and trader.
Prior to his present positions, ‘J.R.’ has worked with John W Stone Oil Distributors LLC, J.P. Morgan Venture Energy Corp., RPG Industries, Phillips Carbon Black Division, Aditya Birla Group, Birla Carbon Division, Griffith Energy, Oil Chem Trading, Ag-Chem Commission Co., Towing Charters Inc. and National Petroleum Sales Inc. ‘J.R.’ was raised in West Seneca, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, NY. He currently resides in the Lake Placid, NY, located in the Adirondack Mountains with his wife Susan. He is a member of the 1974 class from St. Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont. Since 1968, ‘J.R’ has also been a professional entertainer under the name of MR DJ.
Allen Smith
Allen Smith
, Principal, Asphalt & Sourcing Alliance

Allen Smith is a member of Asphalt & Sourcing Alliance (ASA); a consulting firm focused on assisting manufacturers and refiners in sourcing, using or selling asphalt and other related raw materials. Allen interacts with an extensive list of asphalt industry contacts and he is familiar with the major manufacturers, products, distribution channels, industry trends and competitive dynamics. He and his colleagues have conducted multiple asphalt market studies, workshops and surveys and he has presented on asphalt, asphalt roofing and related topics to industry groups in North America and Asia.
Brendan Hoffman 100
Brendan Hoffman,
CEO, Haugen Consulting

Brendan Hoffman is chief executive officer of Haugen Consulting (HC). Previously with Systems and Computer Technology (SCT), he joined HC in 2002. Brendan’s time at HC has seen him operate as in-house demurrage consultant to BP Shipping in Chicago and STUSCO in Houston, operate as account manager for numerous cornerstone clients, develop and present HC’s training courses worldwide, and start and manage HC’s Houston office. In 2012, Brendan moved to Shell to help manage Shell’s Demurrage Americas department, spending time in the Houston, Barbados, London, and Rotterdam offices before ultimately returning to HC in 2015. Brendan was educated at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.

Established in 1995, HC is a family owned and operated business which provides voyage performance tracking, post fixture claims analyses, and demurrage resolution services for shipowners, charterers, and commercial trading partners. In addition, we present tanker operations and demurrage training courses worldwide.

John Demopoulos
John Demopoulos, Vice President, North American Refined Products, Argus       

John Demopoulos is Vice President for North American Refined Products at Argus Media. As VP, John is responsible for running Argus’ refined products business, including asphalt, residuals, feedstocks, blendstocks, biofuels, gasolines, distillates, and related environmental credits. John’s previous roles at Argus have involved quality control & assurance, managing editorial teams, launching new reports, and reporting on a variety of commodity markets, including crude oil, natural gas, marine fuels, and asphalt. John joined Argus after working for several years as a foreign correspondent, based in Greece and the Balkans. He has 13 years’ experience in commodities, a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics, and a bachelor’s degree from King’s College London.
Stefka Ilieva
Stefka Ilieva, Marine Fuel Editor and Pricing Analyst, Argus

Stefka Ilieva joined Argus Media in 2012 as the editor of the daily price and news report Argus Marine Fuels. Built an extensive network of suppliers, traders, brokers and shipowners in all major ports in North America and Latin America. Formerly fuel oil consultant with Poten & Partners (2006-2012) where she focused on market analysis, scenario planning and strategy development for resid production, consumption and regulations. She contributed to the monthly Fuel Oil in World Markets and Fuel Oil Opinion reports and co-authored the studies Fuel Oil Prospects 2010-2015, North America ECA 2012-2020 and Marine Fuel Regulations 2010-2025. She has a Bachelor in Business from Baruch College and an MBA from Fordham University.
Anne Huber, Senior Consultant, Argus

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