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Argus LiCoNi 2017
Argus LiCoNi Markets and Investment 2017

Why you must attend

Demand for lithium, cobalt and nickel is growing strongly, driven by the booming Li-ion battery industry as well as the stainless steel and superalloy sectors.

As demand increases, supplies have tightened with consumers grappling with shortages and rising prices, amid political factors that are disrupting supplies in major exporting countries. A key question for consumers is whether there will be sufficient raw materials to support the growth in Li-ion demand.

Finance of new production is a key issue. Asia is the centre of the global Li-ion battery industry and it is increasingly the focus for capital-rich investors, such as funds, private equity firms and investment banks, as well as processors, looking to secure overseas supplies of raw materials through acquisitions. This is an ideal opportunity for investors and the mining industry to meet to identify new investment opportunities

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Key Highlights

• Will there be sufficient raw materials to support the expected demand for Li-ion batteries?
• What will be the influence on other industries that use lithium cobalt and nickel? – superalloys, stainless steel, chemicals, cutting tools, ceramics and glass
• Should we be worried? - hedge funds and speculators are reported to have stockpiled nearly 20pc of global cobalt production
• How will game-changing innovations shape future demand? – cathode materials, EV, ESS, portable electronics and more
• What do the fundamentals tell us? – the current supply-demand balance in the lithium, cobalt and nickel markets
• Is political instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the issue of conflict minerals a threat to cobalt supplies?
• New production of lithium, cobalt and nickel – what is due on stream and when?
• Recycling of Li-ion batteries – what influence will it have on supplies?
• Substitution – how sensitive are applications to higher prices?
• Is there a need for an international index for lithium?

Event at a glance
Event at a glance

Delegate geographic breakdown
Delegate geographic breakdown

Who you will meet

*Global junior miners
*Financial institutions and investors with an interest in the lithium sector —investment banks, Chinese lithium carbonate producers, private equity, funds & more
*Major lithium, cobalt and nickel producers
*Lithium carbonate and cobalt & nickel chemical producers
*Traders and producers from the stainless steel and superalloy sectors
*Global cathode material producers
*Global Li-ion battery producers
*Electric vehicles, portable electronics and energy storage manufacturers
*Vendors and logistics

Singapore-based companies stand to enjoy a 40% cash payout or 400% tax deduction when their staff attend any Argus conferences held in Singapore.

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